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L. Randy Drew, MBA-ADR, Pepperdine; professional negotiator; and co-founder, Co-Executive Director, and Supervising Mediator for Southern California Family Mediation, has mediated over 400 Interpersonal, Business, and Business-Interpersonal conflicts.  He specializes in: 1. Mediating the most intractable conflicts, and 2. The development of original, advanced negotiation styles and strategies.  Randy’s published on, writing about negotiation, mediation, and meta-mediation.


Stacey Lisk, co-founder, Co-Executive Director, and Supervising Mediator for Southern California Family Mediation, is a family mediator and patient advocate with over 15 years’ experience working with families, couples, and youths. She specializes in divorce, parent/teen conflicts, and elder care. Stacey assists individuals and families to resolve differences and create a cooperative atmosphere that can lead to more productive conversations, an evaluation of the options, and the creation of a successful plan to ensure consensus.


Candace Jones is an attorney that assists families with Dependency, Guardianship, Adoption, and Family Law.  She has been practicing since for six years and has handled over 500 dependency cases.  Candace knows that litigation is a last resort as a solution for strained family relations.  She seeks creative solutions that deliver peace of mind, and help families establish a foundation that will encourage healthy family dynamics. 

Aaron Larks-Stanford is a mediator and labor attorney from Catholic University's School of Law, admitted to the California Bar in 2000. Aaron has mediated with CAMP Mediation, the LACBA, the Superior Courts of LA County, CCR Mediation, and the DCBA. Aaron is a case manager with the Arts Arbitration and Mediation Services, California Lawyers for the Arts. His private mediation service is Cultivating Consensus Mediation Services.

Maria Brinson-Sampson, JD, St. Mary’s University, has volunteered over 100 mediations with the DCBA, has her own Mediation Firm Downtown Mediators, and her non-profit The Marrying Kind Inc.  Her book, The Marrying Kind, was the catalyst for her non-profit, where families are transformed, one marriage at a time.  As an Air Force wife, Maria has worked with diverse communities in leadership positions.  She’s dedicated to being part of the solution for community conflicts.


Leyla Balakhane is an experienced mediator, facilitator, coach, and trainer specializing in high conflict divorce and family law. She is a member of the LACBA Arbitration panel and SCMA. Her approach to divorce is effective, compassionate, and economical. Leyla empowers her clients through a keen sensitivity for cross-cultural issues, empathy, authenticity, and mindfulness. She focuses on win-win solutions that allows parents to collaboratively reconcile their issues with consideration for the best interests of their children.


Marvin Whistler, M.A. Negotiation and Conflict Management, is a private divorce mediator, and Supervising Mediator for Southern California Family Mediation.  He has experience mediating family, landlord-tenant, medical, real estate, and construction, with CAMP, LACBA, L. A. City Attorney Dispute Resolution Program and Neighborhood Justice Program, and L. A. & Ventura County Superior Courts.

Alik Segal, attorney, mediator, MA Clinical Psychology, and Supervising Mediator for Southern California Family Mediation, has developed many of the most unique and effective techniques used in child dependency mediation.

Victoria Gray, Masters of Conflict Resolution, sis a mediator with the National Mediation Board, mediating labor disputes in the Rail and Airline industry.  She is on the Boards of Directors or Mediators Beyond Boarders and Southern California Mediation Association.


Essie Martinkovsky MFA, New York Tisch School, mediator and mediation trainer for MIT, Metropolitan Mediation Services, USC Gould School of Law, Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center, and Institute for Nonviolence LA.

Jarling Ho, JD with Certificate in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, mediator, coach, and trainer, with twelve years of experience in mediating disputes including cases in small claims, eviction, juvenile diversion, victim-offender, small business, and community.  Jarling is the Executive Director for Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center.

Jean Kling, mediator and organizational consultant, has a Master’s in Dispute Resolution from Pepperdine University. She is on the 1028 Board of MBB, and has mediated with the L.A. Superior Court, CYS, Asian Pacific American Dispute Resolution Center, Institute for Nonviolence LA, and Occidental College.  jean is a Producer of the documentary film, The Window in the Wall, about the peace and reconciliation process in Northern Ireland. She is committed to helping people move from impasse to possibility. 


Leslie Kushner, mediator since 2001, has served L.A. Superior Court ADR Panel, CAMP, mediating a broad range of cases.  Serving on the 2018 Board of Directors of SCMA (Southern California Mediation Association), she also chairs their Public Outreach Committee and sub-committee Speaker’s Bureau.  Much of Leslie’s efforts are focused on working to educate the public and business communities about how mediation works, its effectiveness, and its many applications.


Lynette S. Kim, mediator and collaborative family law attorney, helps litigants deal with divorce, through communication and negotiations.  Keenly aware of the emotional toll a divorce can take on parents and children, she works diligently to arrive at timely, cost-effective resolutions for clients.  As a dedicated peacemaker, Ms. Kim has served clients in L. A. & Orange Counties since 1995, and is a recipient of LACBA’s Justice Benjamin Aranda award for outstanding public service.

Milan Slama, mediator and arbitrator, has mediated more than 600 cases, including litigated and community disputes, and is the recipient of multiple awards from the L. A. Superior Court and State of California. He specializes in high-intensity & cross cultural disputes. He is a panelist & co-founder of Valley Bar Mediation Center. Milan has degrees in mathematics and philosophy. He has published for, Association of Workplace Investigators Journal, Daily Journal, and San Fernando Valley Business Journal.


Nellie F. Tillman is a mediator & arbitrator, and has worked with the Los Angeles County Bar Association and the L.A. City Attorney’s Office.  She is a retired Project Manager, Trainer, and Quality Analyst, with Kaiser Permanente.  Nellie has also worked with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates). 

Pamela Perry M.A. in Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding mediator with PRIME Mediation, an alternative to traditional litigation services for resolving conflict using the most cost and time-efficient techniques.  Preserving Relationships through Mediation Excellence!

Sarah English, JD, UCLA School of Law, is a mediator for individuals, couples, families, and attorneys.  She is as a financial planning facilitator, and mediates with the Academy of Professional Family Mediators and CAMP Mediation.  She is dedicated to helping others communicate effectively & authentically, and has including dance & movement to enhance communication & relationships.  She clerked with the Honorable Jacqueline H. Nguyen, United States Court of Appeals, Ninth Circuit.

Ted Andrews is an attorney with twenty years of resolving disputes within major companies such as UPS and American Building Maintenance. His mediation training includes Straus Institute for Dispute Resolution at Pepperdine Law, Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs, Southern California Family Mediation and Centinela Youth Services. He is a mediator with Intrepid Dispute Resolution,