Southern California Family Mediation


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Standing in line at the Children's Court, see Mom, 15 years old, holding her baby.  With them are Grandma, 30, and Great Grandma, 45.  They've been in the dependency system their entire lives.  Mediation, by creating greatly-customized, flexible, and durable agreements, can help break the chain of recidivism.

Only by teaching young coparents HOW to agree can we heal the heart of social conflict.  The alternative is broken children, broken windows, and broken locks.

Almost 30,000 children, victims of abuse and neglect, are entrusted to the care of the Los Angeles County Juvenile Justice System.  Attorney workloads are routinely over 300 cases.  Since 2014, specially-trained professional mediators have been donating their own time and money to see that adequate time is spent with parents to offer families a fresh start, realistically workable agreements, and an honest chance for life outside of the juvenile justice system.


The Juvenile Justice System is being pushed to its limits by a constant (and too often returning) flow of coparenting families, ill-equipped to manage recurring conflicts that have dramatic effects on their lives and their children’s lives.


In 2013 the Children’s Court was forced to eliminate their mediation unit due to budget cuts.  They are simply not being given the funds to financially support a mediation unit.  Seeing that families were returning to the court system and their children were going through the revolving door of foster care, Commissioner Marilyn Mordetzky, in the summer of 2014, started a brand new, volunteer-based mediation program. 


Her first recruits were professional mediators Randy Drew and Stacey Lisk.  They have since continued the advancement of a new type of mediation program, which has thrived, exceeded all previous expectations, set new standards, and became an indispensable service to the Children’s Courts and coparenting families of Los Angeles.