Southern California Family Mediation


Here's What Your Southern California Family Mediation Team Does

Lead coparents to the creation of their own detailed, lasting coparenting agreement that matches their lives and their children's needs. 

Get out of the way as momentum builds and the reality sets in that they can be successful making tough decisions together, rebuilding trust, and communicating respectfully.  Coparents who might not have spoken in months can frequently be found having lunch together, after a morning of mediation. 

Keep families from returning by helping coparents create agreements that actually work and provide the flexibility they need to move forward with their lives as the life-long coparents of their children.

Gets Results by maintaining an agreement rate of 95%, since 2014, unparalleled by any other court-connected mediation program.

Create Elite Peacemakers through our in-house, judicial officer-led Dependency Mediation Training, co-mediation, and Lessons-Learned Debriefings, we have created a challenging volunteer program for professional mediators; and we partner with USC’s Gould School of Law to provide hands on-training and mediation oversight for law school students. 

And Here's How We Do It

One-of-a-Kind Workshop Opportunities - Every family mediation is like a self-contained, completely customized personal-empowerment and interpersonal-development workshop, in that it has the coparents, the conflict itself, and all the clues needed to teach coparents HOW to agree and to create their own agreement.

Coparents for life - "Coparenting doesn't end when kids turn 18.  There are graduations, weddings, awards ceremonies, and even funerals."

Forgiveness & Self-Forgiveness - "Forgiving doesn't mean forgetting.  Forgiving another is something we do for ourselves, to release the toxic chemicals that can drain our life energy." 

"Forgiving ourselves is necessary, because until we forgive ourselves, we cheat our loved ones out of the best persons we can be." 

"We can forgive ourselves and other for not knowing better, acting better, or being better."

The durability of mediated agreements is legendary, because mediation is the only form of Assisted Dispute Resolution (litigation, arbitration, and mediation) in which self-determination is a defining characteristic.  At the conclusion of the mediation, after the agreement is signed, we say, "Congratulations!  Here is your copy of your agreement that you created."

"SoCal Family Mediation provides a sophisticated, equitable, meaningful agreement, the way a child's visitation schedule should be.  Because if [coparents] know to do, it alleviates the stress and confusion, and makes for a much more peaceful coexistence.  [SoCal mediators] are highly...highly recommended by a veteran Children's Court attorney."

-Donna Bernstein, Attorney, Los Angeles Dependency Lawyers Inc.